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It is always nice to have an excuse to travel, whether it be for a honeymoon, anniversary, birthday, or family reunion. We will customize a perfect trip with expert tips on the best amenities, unique experiences, and local attractions. We will coordinate romantic dinners, spa treatments, flowers, and bottles of champagne, so the only thing you have left to do is celebrate.

Steal a kiss while getting lost in the streets of Venice, share a bottle of sparkling wine while watching the ice skaters at Rockefeller Plaza in New York, or steal a kiss under your own private waterfall in Fiji that can only be accessed by kayak. We know that a rose petal filled bath tub lit with candles overlooking the pitons of St. Lucia or eating chocolate covered strawberries for dessert on your own private beach while dining in Zihuatanejo are sure ways to spark up the romance.

For those that love exploring the jungle of Costa Rica, hiking the ruins of the Mayan Riviera, Mexico, kayaking through the rivers of Peru, diving with great white sharks in South Africa, and white water rafting on level 5+ rapids of Patagonia, Chile, we can help plan you a great adventure that is sure to satisfy your desire for thrills and an adventure packed vacation.

Prepare to not lift a single finger during your vacation while you experience the best service, decedent meals, endless massages, and anything you could possibly ask for. From having your own on-call masseuse and a personal chef that will prepare your favorite dishes, to dining on your own private beach by candlelight, we know you will have the most LUX experience.

From anti-aging facials to clay massages and sugar exfoliating wraps, you can prepare yourself your the total pampering experience. Don't forget to try the cucumber mojito.

For all you food and wine lovers, get ready to indulge in a weekend that is sure to satisfy your every craving and appetite for fine wines and gourmet food. We are the experts in this area.

Your search for the ultimate beach vacation is over. We have traveled around the world in search of the perfect beach where the water is crystal blue and the sand feels like silk under your toes. Sit back and relax with a great book and a fresh mai tai

Spoil yourself with the best prices and perfect trip